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7951 South U.S. Highway 1 Port St. Lucie, FL 34952 Telephone: (772) 878-2300 Toll-free:  (800) 762-9095 Email: Family   Owned   &   Operated,   Yates   Funeral   Home   and   Crematory   has   been   serving   families   of   the Treasure   Coast   of   Florida   for   over   75   years.   We   are   family   owned   and   operated;   have   our   own   on-site crematory    and    the    experience    of    five    generations    of    Funeral    Directors.    As    a    family    owned    and operated   business   we   understand   the   need   to   ensure   your   loved   one   is   taken   care   of   by   people   who care   and   you   can   trust.   Our   pledge   to   you   is;   your   loved   one   will   be   safe;   treated   with   great   care, honor, and respect during all aspects of our professional services. Full   Range   of   Cremation   and   Burial   Services;   Preset   or   Fully   Customize   -   Your   Choice.      We   offer services   that   range   from   simple   direct   cremation   or   burial   to   full   service   memorials,   celebrations,   and traditional   funerals.   Our   cremation   and   burial   plans   have   been   developed   over   the   years   to   offer   the best   service   value   wanted   by   our   customers.   Our   cremation   and   burial   plans   are   not   locked   in   stone. Your   family   is   unique.   We'll   work   with   you   to   customize   our   services   to   meet   your   unique   needs. Getting   a   Loved   One   Home.      This   is   Florida.   We   fully   understand   "snowbird   season"   and   all   the   other seasons   that   happen   year   round.   We   want   you   to   know   that   if   something   unfortunate   does   happen with   a   loved   one   while   visiting   you   can   rely   on   us   to   help.   We   provide   transfer   services   to   (and   from) any   other   funeral   home   in   the   U.S.   and   points   abroad.   We   will   get   your   loved   one   "back   home"   for you.  Special Care for U.S. Armed Services Veterans. We   provide   special   care   for   Veterans   of   the   U.S.   Armed   Forces.   Anyone   who   has   ever   been   in   the military   knows   that   it's   not   over   until   the   paperwork   is   done.   We   will   work   diligently   with   the   family members   of   Veterans   to   complete   the   applicable   benefit   claim   forms   a   Veteran   may   be   eligible   for based    on    current    VA    regulations    with    regards    to    Burial    Allowances,    VA    National    Cemetery, Memorials/Markers,   Military   Honors   and   U.S.   Interment   Flag   benefits.   It   is   our   honor   to   care   for families   of   Veterans   and   a   privilege   to   do   what   we   can   for   a   fallen   hero.      Convenient   Neighborhood Locations.      We   have   two   convenient   locations   to   serve   you;   one   in   Port   St.   Lucie   and   one   in   Fort Pierce.   Both   locations   are   along   the   U.S   Highway   1   corridor   and   are   easily   accessed   from   anywhere   in St. Lucie, Martin, and Indian River counties.
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