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Our History

Lucille Rights, TCGS Life Member In 2011

Salute Lucille Rights, TCGS Life Member, for her many contributions to history, genealogy and archaeology.

History of the Treasure Coast Genealogical Society

by Ruth Hansell (Treasure Coast Genealogical Society Bulletin, Vol.1, No. 1, Spring 1982) The   Treasure   Coast   Genealogical   Society   was   organized   January   23,   1980   with   twenty-one   people present.      The   formal   organization   was   an   outgrowth   of   the   Genealogy   Class   taught   by   Beth   Kelly at Indian River Community College the previous fall. Beth   Kelly   and   Iva   Jean   Sherman   deserve   much   of   the   credit   for   the   founding   of   this   organization.     Iva   Jean   became   the   first   President.      Other   officers   were:   Vice   President,   Ruth   Hansell;   Secretary, Lillian   Salter;   Treasurer,   Elizabeth   Lambertson.      (Mrs.   Lambert   son   resigned   after   a   short   time   and Brenda Smith assumed this responsibility.)  Jim Lester became editor of the newsletter. Patricia   Owen,   President   of   the   Charlotte   County   Genealogical   Society,   spoke   to   the   group,   giving valuable information and advice regarding the formation and work of such a society. Soon   after   its   organization,   the   Society   adopted   by-laws,   setting   types   of   membership,   dues,   and other   necessary   provisions.      It   was   decided   to   meet   at   7:30   p.m.   on   the   fourth   Wednesday   of   the month at the Fort Pierce Power Plant. Charter   membership   was   held   open   until   May,   1980.      At   the   regular   meeting   on   May   28th   an official enrollment ceremony was conducted with 40 members signing the roll. Informative   programs   have   been   presented   by   both   guest   speakers   and   members   of   the   Society.     In   addition   to   Mrs.   Owen,   guest   speakers   have   included   Eileen   Willis   from   the   Orlando   Public Library, Roger Poitras, Clerk of the Court of St, Lucie County, Bob Terry of the Fort Pierce Cemetery Association,   and   Barbara   Dalby,   President   of   the   Florida   State   Genealogical   Society.      Ada   Coats Williams   presented   a   most   unusual   genealogical   tribute   to   her   brother,   using   filmed   and   recorded materials.      Beth   Kelly,   Iva   Jean   Sherman,   Clement   DeRoos   and   Ruth   Hansell,   members,   have   also presented programs. Projects   undertaken   and   completed   by   the   Treasure   Coast   Genealogical   Society   are   the   Donation of   $275.00   for   the   purchase   of   genealogical   books   by   the   County   Library,   Abstracting   of   Probate Records of St. Lucie County, and transcribing information from the Fort Pierce Cemetery.

Charter Members of the Treasure Coast Genealogical Society

Tribute to Pat Foreman

Pat   Foreman   was   a   dedicated   researcher   and   valued   member   of   the   Treasure   Coast   Genealogical Society   who   designed   and   maintained   the   first   TCGS   website.      Now   deceased,   Pat   Foreman performed    many    valuable    tasks    that    contributed    to    genealogy    and    history.        This    website    is dedicated to Pat and the charter members of the TCGS.

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