Vietnam Veterans

This is a project the Treasure Coast Genealogical Society has been proud to undertake.  Our voulenteers have a list of names of local men and women whose names appear on the Vietnam Memorial wall in Washington, D.C..  Their work is to find a photo or other information about the person and either forward it to our contact at THE VIRTUAL WALL®.  This work may involve our various standard resources.  Many times it involves contacting friends and family.  We are honored to participate in this project.

Vietnam Memorial Wall of Faces Project
By John Thomslatter
Vietnam Veteran

 Fifty years ago our country called upon our young men and women to go to a place called Vietnam to fight Communism. During that long war, 58,270 Americans lost their lives and are now memorialized on "The Wall" in Washington D.C.   The care takers of "The Wall", the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund, have taken on the project of posting photos on the internet of all those listed.

The photos will be displayed online and at a new Education Center between "The Wall" and the Lincoln Memorial. As of January 2017 over 50,000 soldiers’ photos have been identified and posted.   

During the past year the Florida Vietnam Veterans of America Chapters have been working with local public libraries, historical/genealogical societies and soldiers’ relatives/friends to collect over 400 photos.  About 380 Florida soldiers’ photos are still needed. 

The Nationwide count of missing photos as of February 17 2017 is about 7,600 and only 18 states have found photos for all their fallen.  The completed states include: Maryland, Nebraska, Washington, Colorado, Alaska, Utah, Nevada, Oregon, Idaho, Hawaii, Montana, South Dakota, North Dakota, Wyoming, New Mexico, Minnesota, Wisconsin and Kansas.

Learn more by visiting the Vietnam Memorial Web site at You can post a soldier’s photo at that site in JPEG Format.  

If you have any additional questions or need help posting a photo, email John Thomstatter at

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